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On Feb 19, 2023, the Cheerful Seed Team & I gathered gift bags of goodies that we prepared for the elderly that day. We arrived at the Nursing Home (Tiffany Hall) and arranged the items we brought. To start off, we prayed as a group and invited the Holy Spirit among us. Each of us re-introduced ourselves to the elderly, spoke about the motivation for the second visit, sang together, and recited a Psalms. Later on, we split up into groups of 2 to encourage more one-on-one conversation and give some words of encouragement. In these groups, we asked the elderly how they were doing and if/how they were connected with God to better gage our audience. It was very amazing to hear about their favorite Bible verses. Also, three individuals – or I should say superstars – got to sing their favorite hymns. Afterwards, we shared the goodies bags and treats with the elderly and nursing home staff. The goodies included puzzle books, devotional book, and The Gospel Jesus Christ by Paul Washer (which is an amazing book by the way). We gave Sugar Free Strawberries Covered with chocolate & vanilla icing & Balloons. This was a dedication to Valentine’s Day and to the elderly who represent our parents and grandparents that brought us into the world & raised us. We wanted to show love and appreciation to them. Overall, the Cheerful Seed Team had a phenomenal experience with the elderly & nursing home staff. They likewise expressed appreciation for us visiting them. Surely, the Lord was among us.

Our activities